We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
"Little Gidding"
T S Eliot

Friday, 12 December 2014

Paint, pots and poems!

Like everyone else, at this time of year, time is moving too fast, and I've got behind with stuff I want to post, so I'm including several in this one!

I've recently been playing with combining various paint types, and got together with a friend a couple of weeks ago, when we tried combining ceramic paint, glass paint, enamel paint and fantasy paint.

Using small pieces of board, we painted backgrounds with acrylic paint or Brushos, and also applied some texture paste to some of them.


Top left: Brusho background, with Pebeo relief outliner.  When dry, added Pebeo Glass and Ceramic paints. The glass paint runs better if Pebeo Lightening Medium is added.

Top right: acrylic background with texture paste.  When dry, used glass paint, Prisme paint, and a bit of enamel paint, all allowed to run together.

Bottom left: acrylic background with texture paste.  Followed by Moon, Prisme, and Glass paints.

Bottom right: Acrylic background and glass paint with the medium, allowed to run.

It was good to find out how all the paints reacted with each other, and a few days later (with a specific project in mind), I painted some chipboard butterflies.

All painted the same way.  Started off with a coat of Pebeo Ceramic paint, and while still wet, dropped in Pebeo Prisme paint.  Being of similar texture they combine really well, though you never know how it is going to turn out!   When dry, I used the black relief outliner.

Here is a close-up, the Prisme merges really well with the Ceramic paint.

I plan to do more experimentation with all these paints in the new year.

This week finally got to the Ming Exhibition at the British Museum. Fabulous collection from 600 years ago, including ceramics, jewellery, clothing and scrolls.

Throughout the exhibition there were quotes on the walls, and just loved this one:

On the seventh day sweeter dew fell, the colour of yak butter, it was fragrant and beautiful.  Suddenly a five coloured cloud was seen and gold boughs with jade flowers that were lustrous, jewelled, sparkling and blazing.

Taken from "Miracles of the Mass of Universal Salvation", which I intend researching more.

Would recommend this exhibition, but it finishes soon.

Obviously, we had a browse in the Museum's shops, and I bought a couple of books; "The way of the Buddha", a collection of quotations, and Haiku, a collection of Japanese poems.

The book gives this definition: Haiku are epigrammatic nature poems in which the writer aims to achieve maximum effect by minimum means.  The best haiku are allusive and oblique yet piercingly clear.

We then went and found a particular Chinese shop on the edge of Chinatown, where I bought some rice paper, for use in collages.

You can see the paper here; it is very thin and has fibres in it.  I wish now I had bought some other colours, but I can always go back.

Altogether a fabulous day.

And I was so inspired by haiku, I wrote one too:

The mists of dawn
Contain the tears
Of yesterday.

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