We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
"Little Gidding"
T S Eliot

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

When Confucius met Pollock .....

The next Craft Barn Q&L challenge words are MIND and IGNORANCE.

Which led to my first Jackson Pollock moment!

I'm still in that whole universe thing, so when I found this quote by Confucius which featured both words, I immediately thought of a black hole!

Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star.

So, armed with a piece of black card, bottles of acrylic paint, and a stencil brush (they are great for flicking paint), I first cut a paper circle to act as a mask.

I then spent a happy time flicking lots of paint - Pollock on a small scale!  I would love to have a go with a very large canvas.

It was only when I was finished that I became aware I had flicked paint absolutely everywhere!  All over the desk, pen pots, tools, water bottles, lamp - and me (good thing I remembered to don my apron).  Maybe I can start a new interior design trend .....

The words were created in Photoshop.

That was fun!


  1. Fabulous page, I love the background:)

  2. that looks great, what a good quote, and I love your Pollock background... what fun that must have been!

  3. Such a fantastic quote and background - it looks just like a photo of the stary sky. Love it!

  4. Looks FAB. Will make sure I am nowhere near you, should you do the flicking technique at one of our crafty get togethers :-)

  5. LOL I think the mess was worth it - it's a great effect. I've started to use an interdental brush for fine splatters - it takes longer to fill a page but you great tiny splatters!

  6. Fabulous!! The quote is an excellent find and you have rendered it wonderfully. I enjoy a bit of paint flicking too, and also get it everywhere, lol :D

  7. Ah yes... splattering everywhere, done that too! I use an old toothbrush by the way. Great sky effect.

  8. I've not tried splattering yet, but I sure love yours. It looks like a great sky with two birds trying to fly away. Beautiful art to match the quote. Speaking of quote, what a FIND. Good for you.

  9. Another brilliant piece of artwork, Love the splattered background and the "moon mask" shadow for the quote, which is a really good one too.
    Thank you the inspiration for my entry this time, from the last challenge. I have included a link on my blog.

  10. This piece really made me smile! The quote is perfect, and I love how you illustrated it.

  11. Like the shape of your quote and cleverly positioned it. And of coarse what a great background.

  12. Adore your paint flicking. Great effect.

  13. Absolutely gorgeous, a great page! Super quote too.

  14. Ooh I like that quote! Great background too xx

  15. Fabulous background. One I may well try but in the garden!