We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
"Little Gidding"
T S Eliot

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Feeling fragile .....

I so enjoyed doing my first challenge last year (with the Craft Barn), that I thought it would be good to do another one.  I've long been a fan of Paper Artsy stuff, and their first challenge of this year got me thinking, as I was about to start preparing materials for a special birthday project for next month.

I have always loved using different papers - book and magazine pages, sheet music, and creating my own collage papers - so .....

The first Paper Artsy challenge is to use fragile papers in a project - see here.

I started with a few pieces of paper, including some of the original Paper Artsy crackly tissue, PA Crunchy Waxed paper, and some of the rice paper I recently bought in Chinatown.

Brayered on some PA paint - Mermaid, Guacamole, Butternut and Dolly Mix, and stamped with Claret and Snowflake.  Used a couple of PA Minis for this, a JOFY one and the splatter one.

I knew I wouldn't need all of this paper for my special project - which I won't be able to share with you until after the birthday event!

So - what to do for the PA challenge ..... well - I added to the challenge and decided to make an ATC.  I've never made one before, as I seem to prefer larger projects.  I had to look up what size it should be (two and a half inches by three and a half inches), and cut some board to size.

Covered it with a piece of sheet music, used gesso to knock it back a little, then added a touch of gilding wax.

Die-cut some of the painted tissue and unpainted wax paper, found a little wooden heart and word stamp, and ..... here is my first ATC!

Working with such a small area really focuses the mind - and could probably become addictive!

PS:  Paper Artsy actually spurred me on to start writing this blog, see my first post here, and it is my blog's 2nd birthday this month!


  1. So pretty! What a lovely flower!

    Lucy x

  2. Your ATC is lovely and WOW with your pretty fragile paper flower blooming!

  3. Kaybee,
    ATC's are very addicting, I love making them. Your came out beautiful. Love the sentiment and how it relates to the papers.

  4. Gorgeous ATC. Beautiful flower and fab background. xx

  5. Love the flower, look forward to seeing the main piece after the birthday! X

  6. What a gorgeous ATC, love the flower!! congratulations on your blog birthday!

  7. uh! uh! gone and blown it now!!!! ATCs ARE addictive.
    Yours is gorgeous, love the colours and clever use of paper.

  8. Such a sweet ATC, love the muted background and that gorgeous organically grown flower. Congrats on your blog birthday. hugs Brenda xxx

  9. Beautiful ATC, the flower is stunning! Love the backround paper you created. Happy 2nd birthday to your blog :)

  10. Beautiful, I love your flower. I've missed your previous posts as well, your artwork is very beautiful. Have a great day, Shirleyxx

  11. very pretty - can't wait to see what you make with the remaining paper - thanks for your lovely comment xx

  12. Love your ATC! Simply perfect. Look forward also to seeing what you do with the other beautifully altered fragile papers xx

  13. Oh, its just beautiful! Very intrigued by the leftowvers too!

  14. Love the background papers! Beautiful tag, the paper flower is stunning.

  15. Beautiful project. I'm inspired to make a few ATCs too!