We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
"Little Gidding"
T S Eliot

Friday, 24 October 2014

Just by chance, this book came out of NOWHERE .....

The latest Craft Barn Q&L challenge words are HUG and NOWHERE.  I found this quote by contempory Japanese writer Haruki Murakami, from his novel 1Q84.  I've done further research on this author and his work, and I have put this book on my reading list!

That is one of the many good things that have come out of taking part in this challenge - I discover new writers (for me).

"Is it possible to become friends with a butterfly?"

"It is if you first become a part of nature. You suppress your presence as a human being, stay very still, and convince yourself that you are a tree or grass or a flower. It takes time, but once the butterfly lets its guard down, you can become friends quite naturally."

" ... I come here every day, say hello to the butterflies, and talk about things with them. When the time comes, though, they just quietly go off and disappear. I'm sure it means they've died, but I can never find their bodies. They don't leave any trace behind. It's like they've been absorbed by the air. They're dainty little creatures that hardly exist at all: they come out of nowhere, search quietly for a few, limited things, and disappear into nothingness again, perhaps to some other world." 

I've used just part of the quote on my page, which started with a sponged acrylic paint background.  I decided to try and print straight onto it, but as you can see, the printer ink has sunk into the paint.  I probably should have sealed it first - that's my impatience coming out!

Butterflies are Craftwork Cards stamps, also done with acrylic paint.

Time to make friends with a butterfly!


  1. Lovely butterflies and I really like how you did the border on your page. The background is very soft and really shows off the butterflies. What an added bonus to come across and author you would like to read!

  2. Lovely artwork and I love the sound of that author. I think we spend too much time rushing about and never sit still and enjoy what we have!

  3. What a lovely quote. I like the effect that the printed words have given.

  4. Great quote and lovely page. Love the border, Is it a stamp or did you draw it? Fab :)

    1. I drew the border, just love a little doodle! Thanks for your comments.

  5. I think that the 'disappearing' ink works perfectly for this fabulous quote. Serendipity at work. The colours are lovely and the butterflies just right. The border is great and adds the perfect finishing touch. :o))

  6. I agree about the challenge being good for finding new authors, lyrics etc I have really enjoyed the research. This is lovely page and that quote is quite exquisite. thank you

  7. That's a wonderful page, great design.

  8. One of the main reasons i love taking part in this challenge is the research and the new people i find along the way so agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Stunning whimsical page, pretty butterflies and colours :-) xxx

  9. Love the background. You illustrated the quote perfectly.

  10. Ingenious. When I print on paper, I print first, then seal, then add the colors. That way I'm not surprised if the ink smears or doesn't land in the proper spot because I've inserted my page at an angle or some such operator error.

    Still, I think you did a marvelous job with this. I also like learning about new authors and new quotes and lyrics I've never heard of before. And of course, the new art friends I've made are priceless.

  11. Great page! Lovely background and fab quote xx

  12. What a fabulous quote and page. It depicts a summers day with just a hint of a breeze beautifully.