We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
"Little Gidding"
T S Eliot

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sometimes you just gotta have a bit of blue .....

Another day getting creative with arty friends was long overdue!

I thought I would challenge myself to do without blue again, but also to use a colour I'm not that into - pink! The second part of my challenge was to use stuff that I'd had a long time.

Come the afternoon, I realised it was just not working for me, and not being at home meant I couldn't go and have another rummage!  So I didn't finish it at our get together, but decided to sleep on it.

I loved the background I had created, and also some of the stuff I was going to put onto it, but I was just not loving the very large laser-cut wooden butterflies I had found.

Here is the background, which consists of crumpled tissue paper, a little paste through a stencil, and some embossed pieces of card.  Plus 3 chipboard squares, and some grungeboard flourishes I found.

I used Fresco paints, in shades of pink and brown.

My aim was to use stuff that has been lying around for ages, unwanted and unloved.  But I knew I had to bin the butterflies (well, not actually bin them, as with a bit of altering, I'll use them in another project).  I had also found some tatty paper flowers and a few odd beads and charms, plus some strange paperclips.  I used all these, but also included a birdcage and bird cut from grungeboard.  I was still sticking to my theme, as the grungeboard has been lying around for a long time too!

Ho hum - I really wanted a smidge of blue (more turquoise really) ..... so I gave in to my craving .....

Now I'm happy!

The others had a good day, and here are their creations.

Monica has not done a canvas before.

I love what she has done, using a collage of textures for the background,
blending shades of purple paint, and using a script stamp to highlight.

Linda went for a very summery scene, using crumpled tissue paper for background texture, and some die-cuts.

And her bluebird made me think,
that my effort had just too much pink!

(Like the rhyme?)

Lin had Halloween on her mind, and used some tissue paper for part of the background, with some paint effects and die-cuts.

Definitely feels a bit creepy!

Lin also had time to do another small canvas with a musical theme.

A fab day being creative and having a bit of a laugh - nothing better!

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  1. Much better without the butterflies - like the colour.