We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
"Little Gidding"
T S Eliot

Friday, 15 July 2016

Look on the positive side ...

The Craft Barn's alpha dictionary challenge is every 2 weeks, but it seems those 2 weeks go in the blink of an eye! The next letter is N - with no twists (phew!).

I did contemplate doing Nothing and presenting a blank page - but then had a Negative thought!

I took some black card and some card that had been sprayed with inks. I then die-cut both pieces exactly the same.  Then I pieced the images together using opposites - the birds were quite tricky!

Again, the definition was very long, so I took just one aspect and printed it separately.

Thought for the day -

Turn every negative into a positive!


  1. Brilliant idea, love the orange and black. Fabulous page.

  2. Fab page and great word choice and interpretation! xx

  3. I was totally impressed with your interpretation of the N word. I have no idea how you did this, but I am certainly in love with the outcome.

    I wish I had known about your kind offer before I offered it to a friend who also lives in the UK. Thanks for your kindness and generosity, because you are just too, too kind.

  4. Great idea this week and did you use neon orange too?? Love the orange and black colour scheme.

  5. Totally brilliant positive and negative umbrella man. I love this.

  6. What a great word and a fabulous page, I love the colour combo.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. Definitely the best choice! I don't think "conceptual art" works for us average crafters... As it is, the idea is clever, the illustration perfect and the image gorgeous.

  8. A really striking page. I love the colours xx

  9. Brilliant idea and the colours work so well together.