We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.
"Little Gidding"
T S Eliot

Monday, 21 April 2014

Creepy crawlies can't HURT you (well, most of them anyway!)

The next words in the Craft Barn Q&L Challenge are KNOWLEDGE and HURT.  Nothing immediately sprang to mind, but leafing through some poetry books, I found Christina Georgina Rossetti, another 19th Century poet, English this time.

Reading her biography, her Sing-Song, a collection of nursery rhymes, is considered to be among the most outstanding children's books of the 19th century.

I think this rhyme is fun, and I do like creepy crawly things!  It is called Hurt No Living Thing (1893). Here is the full rhyme -

Hurt no living thing:
Ladybird, nor butterfly,
Nor moth with dusty wing,
Nor cricket chirping cheerily,
Nor grasshopper so light of leap,
Nor dancing gnat, nor beetle fat,
Nor harmless worms that creep.

I'm still sticking to the 10 x 8 format, so I can eventually put all the entries into a book.

I started by making a simple Distress Ink background, with a little water splatter, then continued with some stamps (love that ant!), and die-cuts.  The butterflies are die-cut from a paint and text collage piece left over from a previous project.

Decided to computer print the words onto the page after I had inked and stamped it, so I did have my fingers crossed that it would end up in the right position!!

Just have to say I'm really enjoying seeing everyone's entries, which inspire me to try other things, and thank you for all your comments on my entries, they are so appreciated.


  1. Awesome page Kaybeee! I hadn't heard that peom before. The grass, the ants (love!), and the butterflies form old scraps are all so very lovely. Even the spider ((shudder)) is pretty cool here. Well done on the printing too, so glad it came out perfectly for you :o)

  2. Beautiful poem and whimsical page! Fantastic background for your small creatures. I hope you had a great Easter, Shirleyx

  3. I love the ants. Everything goes so well with the poem.

  4. Lovely fun page. Love the butterflies. Never heard of the poem, but it's really good. :)

  5. The ant is SO cute, but I was also impressed with the ladybugs and, of course, those awesome multi-colored butterflies. Your quote/poem was so well illustrated. Love it.

  6. This is beautiful! Where did you get that gorgeous ant stamp - I love it! x

    1. Hi Karen, the ant stamp is part of a Dylusions stamp set - it includes other creepy crawlies and a couple of faces. It's called Bits of This.

  7. Great composition and I love the quote you've used!

  8. Beautiful page, glorious colours and very cute stamps. Not heard the poem before, thank you for sharing :-) xxx

  9. Beautiful page - love the butterflies and the colour combination!

  10. A great effect with the bright butterflies.

  11. This is such a cheery page, love the scene you've created & a very Buddhist quote.

  12. What a fun poem and you have really done it justice with your page, it has lovely summery feel too

  13. A wonderful poem and a gorgeous card. Love the spiderweb.

  14. Such a lovely poem, fabulous page of beautiful creepy crawlies.

    Sylv xx

  15. Very pretty page! Great poem and love the butterflies and ladybirds! xx

  16. What a lovely poem, it has reminded me of the sticks and stones one now. Gorgeous insect page. BJ (thanks for the visit)